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PINE   Pinus sylvestris

KieferThe forest pine, commonly also known as Scots fir, belongs to the Pinaceae family. It is one of the evergreen conifer species. Its habitat has got a very wide spread that extends from Europe to Asia. Its distribution has been actively supported by human effort. Unlike almost any other species the pine tree can cope with extreme conditions such as frost, heat and drought. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as a survivalist.

The pine forest reaches a height of 35 to 40 meters and a trunk diameter measures about 120cm. The pine tree reaches an age of up to 600 years.

Pine is a popular furniture timber which has a warm hue. The darker core is significantly different from the lighter sapwood. The sapwood is yellowish to reddish-white, the heartwood has a reddish tint. The growth rings are very noticeable because the thin walls of the annual rings of the early wood are clearly distinguishable from the much darker and thicker walls of the late wood.
Pine natural


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