P2-Beech BN

BEECH   Fagus sylvatica

BeechThe common beech tree is a hardwood and belongs to the Fagaceae beech family. Its natural habitat extends over central and south-eastern Europe and reaches a height of 30 to 35 meters, in dense forests even up to 45 meters. The lower part of the trunk can have a diameter of more than one meter. The beech can reach up to 300 years of age.

The heartwood of the beech tree is known as beech heartwood and it is characterized by the nucleation process which takes place inside the trunk after 100-140 years. Due to the aging the moisture supply at the centre of the trunk becomes insufficient and, as a consequence, the cells die which leads to the unique reddish hue of the beech heartwood. 
The beech heartwood is defined by its distinctive reddish colour and its particular texture obtained by its lively grain which has a very charming effect on furniture. The beech is very hard and has a moderate weight. Thus is furniture made of beech wood very durable and It isparticularly suitable for heavily used furniture.
Beech heartwood walnut-stained and formaldehyde-free coating


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