Wood types & fabrics

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Types of wood

In a natural way, to sustain its value and ensure it's free from pollutants. Solid wood furniture from Gaderform is always highly stable and long-lasting.

The varied colours of the wood grain also add great beauty to each piece.

Whether it's made from high-quality walnut or fragrant stone pine, our natural wood furniture with its porous texture helps to maintain an optimal indoor climate.

Our range Our range

Wood has a thousand facets. That is why Gaderform furniture is available in many different versions.
Choose the type of wood that suits your tastes and looks best in your living room or bedroom. Create your own feel-good atmosphere.

Hard woods
Soft woods

On request, the surface of the furniture can either be left in its original state, treated with natural oils, or coated with water-based varnish.
This surface treatment makes the wood very strong.

To clean your furniture, simply wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. Don't use detergents and remove all traces of water.

Natural materials
Loden & hard-wearing & fabrics

We rely on natural materials. The wood we use is entirely natural, strong and durable. We also combine it with fabrics such as loden, which makes a perfect match for our wooden furniture due to its thick texture and strength.

Loden is also easy to clean and therefore very practical. Wool has special self-cleaning properties and dries well in the open air. A light brushing is usually enough to make the surface look like new. You can also give it a wipe with lukewarm water.