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LARCH   Larix decidua

LarchThe larch is a deciduous conifer that belongs to the Pinaceae family. In autumn its needles turn golden yellow before they fall off in winter. The larch grows to a height of about 40 meters, exceptionally even up to 50 meters. The trunk diameter can reach up to 1.5 meters.
Originally the larch was native to only four isolated parts of Europe (Alps, Sudeten, the Carpathians and Polish lowlands), where it still grows naturally today. Today it is spread all over Europe and it is known as a common forest tree.
It is a typical tree of the mountains which, together with the stone pine, represents the treeline. A larch tree can be up to 600 years old.

The Larch provides a valuable wood with excellent properties for the production of furniture  because it can be easily worked. The heartwood can be distinguished from the sapwood. The sapwood has got a width of only one to three centimetres and has a yellowish or reddish-white color, while the heartwood is reddish brown and darkens with time.
The wood of the larch is much harder and heavier than that of other native conifers.
Larch with protective wax


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