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SPRUCE   Picea abies l.

SpruceThe evergreen spruce belongs to the pine family and is now the most common conifer. The natural range extends across most parts of Europe. Its heights can reach up to 50 meters and therefore it is the highest local tree. The trunk can be up to 2 meters thick. It is characterized by a straight and rapid growth and it adapts easily to its natural environment. The pine can last up to 200 years.

The wood of the spruce is light-coloured. The untreated wood has a yellowish-white colour,
Which turns into a yellowish-brown hue if it is exposed to light. Heartwood and sapwood are barely distinguishable from each other. However, the annual rings can be seen clearly. Spruce wood can be worked very well and can be widely used in production of furniture.
Spruce stained in a bright shade with a high-protection wax coating

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